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Aghabegian & Associates is a leading law firm in Glendale with two of the most seasoned lawyers: Alan Aghabegian and Almara Sepanian. Our personal injury lawyer in Glendale, Alan Aghabegian, has over 25 years of experience representing victims of civil litigations.

How long do I have to notify the at-fault party about my intention to pursue an injury claim?

You must notify the parties responsible for your injuries within a few days of your accident. Do not wait too long, or you could lose your right to file a claim or seek compensation. Also, acting right away increases your chances of recovering fair compensation for your injuries within a short duration.

Meet with an attorney to learn your legal options and have them speak to the at-fault party. Remember that giving notice does not mean you have to file a claim. It is a preventative measure you take to preserve your rights and prevent the at-fault parties from calling your claim unfair in the future.

What are the benefits of working with an injury attorney?

A personal injury lawyer in Glendale will know the injury laws in California and the workings of the local courts. The expert can take care of the legal processes while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Filing an injury claim can involve a ton of paperwork and legal jargon. An attorney's team will help you fill out the complex paperwork and educate you on what to say and not to say to the insurance adjuster.

What are my options when the settlement negotiations fail?

While most insurance adjusters want to resolve an injury claim as soon as possible, a few can be arduous to work with, and they can choose to stall or prolong the negotiation process. Here are some options to rely on if your settlement negotiations fail:

  1. Persistence pays

Call your insurance adjuster once every week or ten days and ask them when they will make a reasonable offer. Hold on to your position stubbornly and make the adjuster know that you will not fold your claim.

  1. Hire an attorney

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can relieve you from the stress of having to speak to the adjuster from time to time about your settlement. They possess several years of experience in handling the most tenacious adjusters and how to tackle the tactics commonly pulled by giant insurance companies. Alan Aghabegian is an astute lawyer with extraordinary negotiation skills who can help you recover compensation fast.

  1. Show your willingness to file a lawsuit

Most adjusters try their best to settle a claim to prevent it from going to court and avoid a blemish on their work record. If your adjuster seems unreasonable and difficult to work with, let them know that you will have to file a lawsuit if they're not interested in a fair settlement by a specific date.

We can help you understand the legal intricacies of your case and educate you on what to expect from the at-fault party and their insurance adjuster. Our personal injury lawyer in Glendale has helped hundreds of victims recover millions of dollars in compensation. We can do the same for you. Contact us today! Call us at (818) 975-3325 to schedule a consultation with Alan Aghabegian at Aghabegian & Associates.

Personal Injury Lawyer Glendale

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