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Almara Sepanian is the best accident lawyer in Glendale, CA, specializing in catastrophic injuries, car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian incidents. Aghabegian & Associates is a top-ranking injury firm with an impeccable track record. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensations in a variety of injury claims.

When Not To Hire An Accident Lawyer?

If you have a personal injury case, you are probably wondering whether to hire a lawyer or handle the claim yourself. You may tackle your injury claim yourself with some organization and patience if your claim is straightforward. However, if the insurance company is unfairly denying your settlement request or reducing your compensation, only one of our personal injury attorneys can protect your rights.

You do not have to hire a vehicle injury lawyer if you are comfortable advocating for yourself. Also, if you are not hurt all that bad or did not suffer much property damage, it makes sense to represent yourself. However, not all injury cases are for novices.

For instance, if your case refers to medical malpractice, injury related to defective products, or severe or permanently disabling injuries, you should hire one of the best accident lawyers for the best outcome in your claim.

Why Should You Get A Free Consultation?

A free consultation is an opportunity to meet your attorney in person and get answers to legal questions about your case. It is also your chance to learn if you have a claim. Some people also use the opportunity to learn about an attorney's experience, success rate, personality, communication style, and legal fees.

The best personal injury law firms provide free consultations to clients. It is a risk-free opportunity that helps you know about a law firm and its expertise. During a consultation, your attorney will talk to you about the possible outcomes in your case, what to expect during your litigation case and the timeline it may take for you to recover compensation.

When To Hire An Accident Lawyer?

The presence of an experienced wrongful death attorney can threaten the insurance company and force it to play by the rules. This alone is already worth the money you pay for hiring the a lawyer. Personal injury claims can be complex involving intricate rules. Also, the severity of your injuries can cause your compensation to vary from the norm.

Hiring an attorney can help you handle an insurance company that refuses to settle in good faith. Besides, it is pivotal that you lawyer up in the following circumstances:

  1. You have suffered long-term or permanently disabling injuries
  2. You suffered severe injuries
  3. Your case involves medical malpractice
  4. Your injuries have occurred due to exposure to toxic contaminants.
  5. Your insurance company refuses to pay

Contact 818-446-1947 to schedule a consultation with the top accident lawyer in Glendale, CA. Aghabegian & Associates is a pioneer law firm specializing in personal injury claims. We offer legal support to victims of injury claims and help them receive a quick and fair resolution. Get in touch with us to recover the compensation you deserve from those who wronged you.

Accident Lawyer Glendale Ca

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