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Alan Aghabegian is a highly respected attorney with 26 years of experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Aghabegian & Associates is a renowned law firm for car accidents in Glendale that has helped thousands of victims recover hefty compensation from the liable parties. Our car accident attorney in Glendale has a team of expert witnesses and private investigators, which can benefit your case and ensure a quick positive outcome.

Should I report the car accident to my insurance company?

There is no time limit instructing when policyholders should report a car accident to their automobile insurer. Nonetheless, your automobile insurance contract requires you to let them know about your car accident soon after the collision so that they can begin building your case asap. If you are insured and fail to report your car crash within a reasonable duration, your insurer can deny coverage for the accident.

A "reasonable period" can be a day or two or several days, depending on the circumstances of your accident. If the crash was minor, you should still report it to your automobile insurer to ensure coverage for the accident.

What's the car accident statute of limitations in Glendale?

If anyone involved in the car collision suffers injuries, the injured person has two years from the accident to file an injury lawsuit. The same timespan applies to fatal car crashes. However, if nobody has suffered any injuries, you have up to three years to file your lawsuit which will cover your vehicle damages.

Meet with a skilled car accident attorney in Glendale to help you file a claim within the statute of limitation. The court can refuse to consider your case if you bring it to court after the deadline. There are one or two rather rare exceptions to the statute of limitations. A professional attorney can assess your case and help you find out if your claim qualified for an exception.

The pros of working with a car accident lawyer

An attorney can organize and analyze the evidence and your treatment records and use their team of investigators and expert witnesses to build a strong case on your behalf. Here are a few other benefits to working with a car accident attorney:

  1. An attorney can communicate with the at-fault party's insurer and take care of settlements negotiations.
  2. They will investigate your case, obtain the necessary evidence, and organize your medical bills and treatment-related documents.
  3. An attorney can communicate with your treatment provider, obtain the missing records, work with your doctors, and gather relevant medical information to prove the damages you claim

Besides, our attorney can liaise with the lien holders on your claim and reduce the number of such liens. The expert can also improve your chances of receiving a reasonable settlement payout from the insurance adjuster.

Contact us for a free consultation with our car accident attorney in Glendale. Aghabegian & Associates is a top-rated legal firm with experienced lawyers and numerous positive reviews. Reach us at (818) 740-6017 to discuss your case details with our attorney.

Car Accident Attorney Glendale

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