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Alan Aghabegian at Aghabegian & Associates is a highly competent car accident lawyer in Glendale with several years of experience, an unmatched personal record in the business, and impressive analytic skills. Over his 26-year career, Alan has helped hundreds of victims seek justice and recover the compensation they deserved to lead a self-reliant and meaningful life.

Should I report a car accident in California?

The California vehicle code section 20008 requires all drivers involved in a car accident to write a report within 24 hours to the California Highway Patrol or the respective city's police department. The agency will forward the report to the proper investigating authorities for further action. Alternatively, you can inform the police or highway patrol about your accident over the phone, and a law enforcement officer will come to the scene to prepare a written report of the accident. In these cases, your report is no longer necessary.

Furthermore, you must report your accident to the California DMV within ten days if anyone involved in the crash suffers injuries or die in the crash. The DMV also requires you to report the accident if the collision resulted in property damage of more than $1,000.

Can I handle my car accident claim without an attorney?

If your car accident does not result in any injuries or involve any property damages, you probably do not need an attorney. Also, if you have the time and resources to investigate the details of the accident and gather the necessary evidence and medical documents, you can handle your own injury claim.

Remember that working without an attorney means you will be the sole point of contact for your defendant and insurance adjuster, and you must be ready to engage in the settlement negotiations. With all that said, there is no substitute for working with a skilled car accident lawyer in Glendale.

Benefits of hiring our car accident lawyer

Dealing with the aftermath of a taxing car accident can be stressful. The last thing you want to think about after a car crash is pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Hiring a car accident lawyer can take care of your legal battles while you focus on healing and recovering from your physical and mental trauma.

A car accident lawyer in Glendale will possess in-depth knowledge of the injury law in California and will build a strong case on your behalf. They can liaise with the defendant's attorney or insurance adjuster and negotiate a reasonable compensation for your injuries and losses. More importantly, having a lawyer on your side will intimidate the insurance adjuster and prevent them from manipulating you.

Call Aghabegian & Associates at (818) 740-6017 to discuss the prospects of your accident case with Alan Aghabegian. Our car accident lawyer in Glendale offers a free initial consultation and can help you assess your case's details and educate you on what to expect in the legal process. Get in touch with us to have the #1 lawyer in Glendale handle your injury case.

Car Accident Lawyer Glendale

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