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Almara Sepanian at Aghabegian & Associates is a fierce Glendale car accident attorney with exceptional negotiation skills and analytical abilities. Almara has delivered several million-dollar settlements for her clients with her unparalleled legal representation.

Comparative negligence rule in car accident claims

California is a pure comparative negligence state. The California laws allow drivers involved in a car accident to recover compensation from the other at-fault party, regardless of their share of responsibility for the collision. However, the judge may reduce your damages by the percentage of your fault for the accident.

Remember that car insurance claims adjusters will use California's comparative fault rules when determining your claim's might. Make sure to hire a skilled Glendale car accident attorney to negotiate a hefty compensation for your injuries from the defendant's attorney or their insurance adjuster.

How will a good car accident lawyer help me?

An accident attorney may be of great advantage to you and your case. For starters, they can negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the defense attorney or an insurance adjuster to help you recover compensation within a short period.

They will handle all communication with the other driver, their insurer, your doctors, and lien holders and gather medical records, bills, and other evidence. An attorney can investigate your case and the repercussions of your accident on your life and career and calculate your claim's net worth.

What happens when a car accident case goes to trial?

Most car accident insurance claims get resolved outside of court in a settlement agreement. However, there are instances where you cannot reach a common ground during settlement negotiations with the defendant's insurance adjuster, causing your claim to go to trial. Here's what to expect in a car accident case that goes to trial:

Jury selection - The jury comprises twelve members or less, and these persons get selected in a process called voir dire. Jurors answer a series of questions to prove to the judge that they do not have any biases or prejudices and are fair and impartial in their decision-making process.

Opening statements - After jury selection, both the parties involved in the car accident make opening statements. The plaintiff or their attorney goes first and lays out their side of the case, which lasts for 15 - 20 minutes.

Plaintiff's presentation of evidence - After both the parties deliver their opening statement, the plaintiff's attorney will present the evidence and call the witnesses and the victim to testify their observations.

Defendant's presentation of evidence - The plaintiff's attorney rests her case after presenting the jury with all the witnesses. Then, the defendant's attorney presents his evidence to the court which usually contradicts the plaintiff's version of the events.

Closing argument - Both parties' lawyers give a closing argument to persuade the jury. The jury then meets in a separate room to discuss the evidence and render a verdict.

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Glendale Car Accident Attorney

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