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Hiring one of the skilled and seasoned Glendale injury attorneys has never been easier. Alan Aghabegian at Aghabegian & Associates specializes in injury claims and has delivered hefty settlements and awards for his clients with his unsurpassed legal representation and negotiation skills.

Comparative negligence rule in California car accident cases

If you are partly responsible for a serious car accident in California, it can affect the amount of compensation you can expect from the at-fault party. The court will reduce your damages by your percentage of fault. California ranks as a pure comparative negligence state, and all the judges and juries in the state follow it in an injury lawsuit if your case goes to trial. Not to mention, an insurance claims adjuster will consider California's comparative fault rules when determining your claim's worth.

For instance, if you are in a car accident and you share 15% fault for the accident, you will receive 85% of your damages from the other driver. Make sure to consult one of the top-rated personal injury trial lawyers if you believe you share responsibility for the accident. Experienced Glendale injury attorneys can convince the jury and judge to assign you with a lower share of fault and maximize your damage compensation.

Do I need to report a car crash in California?

The California Vehicle Code requires a driver involved in a car accident to report the crash within 24 hours. If the crash results in injuries to anyone involved in the accident, make sure to write a report of the collision and file it to the California Highway Patrol or the police department.

Alternatively, if a law enforcement officer comes to the accident scene, they will prepare a written report of the accident. In such cases, you do not have to make a written report. Contact one of the Automobile accident lawyers after an accident for guidance on what to do next.

Tips for getting the maximum settlement in your car accident claim

Having an effective strategy in place is pivotal to being successful in the settlement negotiation process. Here are a few tips to receive the maximum settlement in your claim:

  1. Have a specific amount in mind

Decide on a minimum settlement figure before you approach the insurance adjuster. Having a bottom line in mind can help you settle for compensation closer to your expectation.

  1. Do not jump at the first offer

Insurance adjusters begin the negotiation talks by quoting a low amount. They usually do it to find out if you know your claim's true worth. Ask the adjuster to justify the low offer. If the adjuster is being unfair, hire one of the Glendale car accident attorneys to handle the negotiations on your behalf.

  1. Do not reduce your demand twice

If you reduce your demand once, don't go any lower. Wait for an intervening increased offer from the adjuster.

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Glendale injury attorneys

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