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Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. When one occurs, you must act fast and contact a Glendale injury firm to optimize your chances of recovering the maximum compensation for your pain, suffering, and losses. Almara Sepanian, at Aghabegian & Associates, is an experienced and fierce attorney with impressive analytic and negotiation skills, renowned for her ability to recover a hefty compensation for her clients within a short period.

What makes us the best injury firm in Glendale?

Alan Aghabegian and Almara Sepanian are highly sought-after automobile accident lawyers in Glendale who have recovered over $150 million for victims in injury claims. Our attorneys are easily accessible and available during business hours and answer your case-related questions without any delays.

Our personal injury law firm has been operated within the Glendale community for over 23 years and has numerous positive reviews from past clients, vouching for the quality of our legal services. Our attorneys possess exceptional negotiation skills and analytical abilities, allowing them to deliver the maximum compensation for clients in an injury case.

What are the exceptions to the California personal injury statute of limitations?

California allows plaintiffs two years from the date of the injury to file an injury claim. Here are a few instances that pause the clock and extend the two-year filing deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit in California:

  1. The victim did not discover or was unaware of suffering any harm due to another person's wrongful conduct. This law is called the delayed discovery rule.
  2. The injured victim is under the age of 18 or did not possess the legal capacity to make decisions at the time of the injury.
  3. The alleged at-fault person left the state of California at some point after the accident or victim's injuries occurred.

Speak to one of the Glendale car accident attorneys to learn how California's statute of limitations applies to a personal injury claim. Alan Aghabegian has helped several clients file their injury claims within the deadline and recover the compensation they deserve to lead a dignified and meaningful life.

How do I file a personal injury lawsuit?

Make sure you have a legal standing to file an injury claim in California. Secondly, you must hire one of the experienced Glendale injury attorneys to work as your strongest ally and help you navigate the legal process. You must then decide the venue for your case and file the claim within the statute of limitations.

Your attorney will negotiate an advantageous settlement with the insurance adjuster before filing a lawsuit. If you cannot agree with the defendant, your attorney will file a summons and complaint in court. Your case will then proceed to trial. Make sure to hire one of the skilled personal injury trial lawyers to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Contact Almara Sepanian at 818-446-1947 for a free consultation. Ranked as the #1 Glendale injury firm, Aghabegian & Associates has a successful track record and the best team of attorneys. We charge a modest fee for our unsurpassed legal services, and you do not have to pay us anything until we recover adequate compensation in your injury claim. Get in touch with us today.

Glendale injury firm

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