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How does a personal injury settlement negotiation work?

Settlement negotiations involve bargaining and haggling between you and the defendant's insurance adjuster over a phone call. Settlement negotiations typically take place over two to three phone calls and encompass the following steps:

Step 1 - You will write a demand letter and quote your requested amount.

Step 2 - The insurance adjuster will read your letter and argue that their client was not at fault for the accident and how your quoted amount seems excessive. The adjuster will then make a counteroffer which will be lower than your initial quote.

Step 3 - The insurance adjuster's counteroffer is a technique they use to identify whether you are in a hurry to recover damages. At this point, you

will acknowledge some of the valid arguments from the adjuster and demand a slightly lower damages amount than the earlier one.

Step 4 - In response to your demand, the insurance adjuster may slightly increase his offer. You can accept that amount or make another counter-demand.

Working with an experienced Glendale personal injury attorney can ensure favorable settlement negotiations. They can investigate your case, gather supporting documents, prepare the demand letter and protect your interest during the negotiation process.

Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

An expert lawyer can help you understand the legal processes, handle the paperwork for you, and prepare you for the settlement negotiations. They can also investigate your case, gather evidence, and interview witnesses while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Our professionals will educate you on what to say and what not to say to an insurance adjuster. More importantly, they can handle the negotiations on your behalf and help you recover compensation within a short duration.

Tips for a successful injury claim negotiation

In case of an accident, it is pivotal that you hire a skilled injury lawyer to handle the negotiations on behalf of you to ensure maximum compensation for your losses. Here's how to deal with a claims adjuster:

  1. Prepare well - Each time you speak to the adjuster, make notes of the points discussed. Write a confirming letter encompassing details of what you and the adjuster agreed and disagreed with during negotiations. Send a copy of this letter to the adjuster and save a copy for yourself.
  2. Be patient - You do not want to be in a hurry to recover compensation, or you can end up with a low initial settlement offer. Also, make sure not to jump at the first offer you get from the insurance adjuster.
  3. Persistence is key - Whenever your adjuster agrees to do something, get a specific date by which you can expect it done. Make sure you do not let the adjuster sit on your claim.

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Glendale Personal Injury Attorney

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