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Alan Aghabegian at Aghabegian & Associates is one of the most renowned and experienced Glendale personal injury attorneys. With over 26 years of experience, Alan knows the tricks commonly played by gigantic insurance companies and helps his clients recover maximum compensation for their losses and injuries.

How does a personal injury lawsuit work?

After finding medical treatment for your injuries, you must discuss your situation with one of our experienced automobile accident lawyers. An attorney will interview you, get your medical records and bills, and then demand compensation from the other lawyer or defendant's insurance company. If your case doesn't settle, you can go to court for a trial. However, it can take anywhere from 1-2 years for your claim to go to trial.

What should you not do in a personal injury case?

Do not lie or exaggerate your injuries in your personal injury claim. Failing to seek immediate medical treatment is yet another mistake you should avoid. More importantly, failing to consult about your situation with a personal injury law firm soon after your accident can cause you to lose your rights to recover any damages.

How do I legally prove who was at fault for an accident?

As long as you make your case to an insurance adjuster, you do not have to prove anything legally. However, you must present a reasonable argument to the insurance company during the negotiations phase to prove that your injuries occurred due to their client's carelessness.

What is negligence?

Negligence refers to any careless behavior that contributes to an accident or injury. The law considers individuals who fail to act carefully as negligent. Hiring one of our Glendale car accident attorneys can help you determine the negligent party in your case.

When should I hire an injury lawyer?

If you suffer long-term or permanently disabling injuries or incur expensive medical bills, you must hire our Glendale injury attorneys to represent you. Also, if you suffer injuries due to the incompetence or carelessness of a doctor, nurse, or a hospital, rely on our personal injury trial lawyers to handle your case.

What are pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering fall into two categories - physical and mental. Physical pain and suffering refer to the pain experienced due to your physical injuries in an accident. Mental pain and suffering refer to mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation, anger, etc.

How soon do I need to announce my intention to file a claim for my accident injuries?

You need to notify the people responsible for your injuries within a set number of days after an accident. Speak to an attorney to learn about the amount of time you have left to notify the at-fault party about your intention of filing a claim.

Get in touch with us at 818-446-1947 to schedule a free consultation with our lawyer. Alan Aghabegian is one of the best Glendale personal injury attorneys with several years of trial experience and exemplary analytic skills. Entrust your injury case to Alan at Aghabegian & Associates for a successful case outcome.

Glendale personal injury attorneys

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