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Alan Aghabegian is Glendale's most sought-after personal injury attorney in Glendale for his admirable negotiation skills and flawless track record. Alan is the managing partner at Aghabegian & Associates and possesses over two decades of experience in handling personal injury claims and negotiation settlements.

What's negligence in a personal injury claim?

Negligence is an umbrella term for all sorts of careless behavior that leads to or contributes to an accident. A driver who fails to pull the brakes at the stop sign and ends up hitting your car is said to be negligent. The law considers anyone who fails to fulfill their duty or act responsibly as a negligent party. This allows you to file an injury lawsuit against the at-fault party if you've suffered injury or financial losses due to the negligence of another person, organization, or Government entity.

However, you must prove negligence to recover damages, which can be difficult than it sounds. Hiring a personal injury attorney in Glendale can help you determine liability and negotiate a reasonable compensation with the defendant's insurer.

How much time will it take to solve a personal injury claim?

Over 50% of injury claimants receive a payout between two months and a year. 1/3rd of the victims wait for over a year to recover compensation for their injuries. The average time for plaintiffs to recover compensation or receive an award in an injury claim is 11.4 months.

While everybody wants a quick resolution to move on with their lives, remember that a faster payout does not always guarantee a better result. If you are facing financial difficulties and require a quick payout, speak to an attorney to discuss your case's prospects and learn how to recover compensation promptly.

What are the advantages of having legal representation?

Working with a reliable personal injury attorney is the best way to optimize your chances of receiving higher compensation for your injuries. Over 90% of injury victims who have an attorney receive a reasonable settlement within a short window. Here are some of the defining benefits of getting legal representation:

  1. An attorney can make a difference in the personal injury payout you receive. Plaintiffs working with a lawyer walk away with an average payout of $77,000, compared to an average of only $17,000 for those who choose to fight their own legal battles.
  2. After paying the 33% contingency fee, victims with representation still end up with a compensation three times higher than unrepresented claimants.
  3. Lawyers possess the knowledge, experience, and skill to build a solid personal injury claim by investigating your case thoroughly, gathering evidence, and dealing with the insurance adjusters.

All it takes is one call to seek justice from those who caused your injuries. Aghabegian & Associates has restored hope and faith in thousands of families in and around Glendale, CA, by helping them win their legal battles. We can do the same for you. Get in touch with us now! Contact us today at (818) 975-3325 to discuss your case details with our expert personal injury attorney in Glendale, Alan Aghabegian.

Personal Injury Attorney Glendale

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