Personal injury attorney in Glendale

If you're the victim of an automobile accident, you may be looking into hiring a personal injury attorney in Glendale. Before you choose who will represent your case, spend some time on the phone with our legal team from Aghabegian & Associates. Our 24/7 helpline is your gateway to a free consultation with our lawyers; there's no cost or obligation to call, request legal advice, or ask us to assess your case. If we feel we can help you win a settlement for your injuries, we'll let you know what to do next. The first step after reaching out to us is to have your injuries recorded by a doctor or healthcare facility.

4 Things to Consider After an Accident

1. The decision of who will represent you to the insurance company is probably the most important aspect of seeking compensation. The insurance company will try everything they can to get you to sign off on your injuries by taking an offer; once you sign away your rights to further compensation, you will have no further claim against the responsible party. It's far better to rely on Glendale car accident attorneys from our law firm to make sure you get a settlement that is consistent with your injuries.

2. You may be thinking about representing yourself when you have your day in court; however, that could be a big mistake. Experienced personal injury trial lawyers from our firm have the right skills for the task. You may obtain a faster settlement by taking matters in your own hands, but in the end, you'll be in a much better financial position as a result of hiring our personal injury law firm. Contact us now for a free case review and consultation.

3. Automobile accident lawyers will want a portion of your settlement as payment for working on your behalf. While it can be tempting to think that by eliminating the need for our services, you'll be left with more money, the fact is, you'll probably receive less. It takes many years of practicing law to be able to put together a winning case. With our Glendale injury attorneys in your corner, you'll have the best chance of getting the full amount of compensation allowable under the law.

4. It costs you nothing to consult with our law firm, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to our team if you have questions or want to learn more about your rights under the law. There's no upfront cost, either- we get paid only if and when we win a settlement in your favor.

Contact Aghabegian & Associates at 818-446-1947 day or night to speak with an experienced legal representative from our firm. Tell us a little bit about your injury case and we'll guide you through the next steps to ensure your injuries are well taken care of and your financial future is secure, as well. Can you think of a single reason not to call and speak with a personal injury attorney in Glendale?

Personal injury attorney in Glendale

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