Personal injury trial lawyers in Glendale

With the best personal injury trial lawyers in Glendale, Alan Aghabegian and Almara Sepanian, Aghabegian & Associates is a highly sought-after injury law firm. We specialize in car accidents, medical malpractice, defective product, premises liability, wrongful death, and workplace injuries.

Difference between a settlement lawyer and a trial attorney

Settlement lawyers are best at negotiating with the insurance companies and helping you get the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. They usually charge a contingency fee of anywhere between 30 and 35%. They may not have much trial experience, which means you need to look for a more experienced attorney if your case goes to trial.

Alternatively, trial lawyers possess several years of experience in handling court-related cases. The good thing about working with a trial lawyer is that they can negotiate with the insurance adjuster and handle your case in court if your claim goes to trial.

Insurance companies know that settlement Glendale car accident attorneys will never go to court and may stand firm at a low offer. If you wish to get the rightful compensation in your injury case, it is pivotal that you work with our personal injury trial lawyers.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer or handle my claim?

You can sometimes handle a claim on your own, while some cases demand the involvement of a qualified legal professional. It typically depends on the severity of your injuries. If you begin by handling the claim on your own only to hire a lawyer later, you may end up complicate the process needlessly.

You may handle your own claim if you've experienced a car accident with minor or no injuries. Also, you don't need an attorney to represent you if you live in a no-fault state or are receiving the best possible compensation for your injuries.

However, if you are not confident about holding negotiations with an adjuster or find it uncomfortable to research the law and settlement process, hiring one of the automobile accident lawyers may save you a lot of time and money. Our Glendale injury attorneys can relieve you from the stress of fighting your legal battles yourself and handle the situation on your behalf.

How soon should I notify people about my intention to file a claim?

There is no standard number of days for plaintiffs to notify the at-fault parties of their injuries after an accident. However, do not wait too long. Acting within a few days of your accident will increase your chances of receiving hefty compensation and a quick resolution to your claim. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury law firm to help you file a claim.

Get in touch with us! Call 818-446-1947 to have one of our top personal injury trial lawyers in Glendale handle your case. Aghabegian & Associates offers a free consultation to help clients determine if they have an injury claim, the worth of their injuries and losses, and how long it takes to recover compensation. Discuss the prospects of your injury claim with our attorney today.

Personal injury trial lawyers in Glendale

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