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Injury Attorney Riverside Ca

Personal Injury Attorney Riverside CA

At Aghabegian & Associates, PC, we understand the challenges that come with navigating the aftermath of a personal injury. As a trusted law firm based in Glendale, California, we have been championing the rights of injured individuals since 1998. Our dedication to securing full and fair compensation for our clients drives every action we take.

Car Accident Attorney Riverside CA

Car Accidents: The roads can be unpredictable, and car accidents are a common source of personal injuries. If you've been injured in a car accident in Riverside, our experienced team is here to help guide you through the process of securing compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Riverside CA

Motorcycle Accidents: Riders face unique dangers on the road. We specialize in representing motorcyclists who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Our approach is tailored to address the specific challenges and biases motorcyclists face in the legal system.

Truck Accident Attorney Riverside CA

Truck Accidents: Accidents involving large trucks can result in significant injuries and complex legal claims. Our firm possesses the expertise to navigate the intricate regulations and multiple parties involved in truck accident cases.

Slip and Fall Attorney Riverside CA

Slip and Fall Injuries: Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe. If you've suffered an injury due to a slip, trip, or fall on someone else's property, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries and related losses.

Wrongful Death Attorney Riverside CA

Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one is devastating, especially when it's due to someone else's negligence. Our compassionate team is here to support families in Riverside seeking justice and compensation through wrongful death claims.

Dog Bite Attorney Riverside CA

Dog Bites: Dog attacks can be traumatic and result in serious injuries. California law provides protection for victims, and our firm is committed to helping you navigate the legal process to secure compensation for your injuries.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Riverside CA

Medical Malpractice: Patients trust healthcare professionals with their lives, but sometimes that trust is betrayed. If you've suffered due to medical negligence, our seasoned attorneys are ready to advocate for your rights and seek the compensation you need for your recovery.

Workers' Compensation Attorney Riverside CA

Workers' Compensation: Workplace injuries can significantly impact your life and livelihood. We're here to ensure that you receive the benefits you're entitled to, helping you navigate the often complex workers' compensation system.

Social Security Disability Attorney Riverside CA

Social Security Disability: If you're unable to work due to a disability, securing social security benefits can be a lifeline. Our team has the experience to guide you through the application or appeals process, fighting for the support you deserve.

At Aghabegian & Associates, PC, we believe in providing personalized attention to each case. Our record of recovering over $250,000,000 for our clients speaks to our commitment and expertise. We're proud to serve as a beacon of justice for those injured in Riverside and across California. With our contingency fee basis, you can rest assured that we're fully invested in your case, striving for the best possible outcome without any upfront costs to you.

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us today for a free consultation. Let our 40 years of combined experience work for you as we pursue justice and the compensation you deserve.

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