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When On-Demand Services Meets Reckless Behavior

Online delivery offers numerous benefits to LA County residents, allowing us to avoid navigating complicated freeways and traffic patterns to pick up meals or go shopping. Instead, with a handful of apps on our smartphones, we can easily order groceries, a new outfit, or even furniture from the comfort of our homes. However, these drivers behind these deliveries are just as prone to traffic collisions as any other individual on the road, and even have their own risky practices.

If you or a loved were injured in an accident with a negligent delivery driver, whether they were delivering packages or food, then you may have a claim for compensation. The delivery company’s liability policy may even cover your accident and injuries, but to ensure you receive a fair shot at compensation, you need the services of an experienced Glendale delivery accident attorney at Aghabegian & Associates, PC.

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Causes Behind Delivery Accidents

While we expected most online retailers to provide expedited delivery options, fulfilling those demands is no simple task. Many companies do not directly manage their own delivery services, often working through third-party organizations like Fed-Ex, UPS, or other local options that oversee large fleets of delivery vans, which have many of the same accident risks as passenger vans. As a result, these third-parties handle a variety of shipping options each day from multiple sources and navigate a wide range of neighborhoods. Best case scenario, a driver misplaces a package, but worst case they can be involved in a serious accident, especially if they are in a residential area.

Accidents involving package handlers can occur due to:

  • Speeding
  • Overloaded delivery vans
  • Poor maintenance or defects in their vehicle’s design
  • Inexperience with driving large vehicles
  • Inexperience with local routes and traffic laws

In contrast, gig-workers for food service companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats operate under more immediate, demanding conditions. These drivers rarely have anything more than a Class-C driver’s license and lack professionally training for commercial driving. While some only work on weekends or in their free time to earn a little extra spending cash, others are full-time drivers who have no restrictions on the number of hours or orders than can take each day.

As a result, food service drivers can become involved in accidents because of:

  • Driver inattention due to GPS, app notifications, or messages from angry customers
  • Coasting, or driving around waiting for orders and checking their smartphone
  • Fatigue brought on by working at late hours
  • Speeding during lunch and dinner hours
  • Illegal turns, stops, and parking to complete orders on time

Any one of these actions can lead to a collision with a Glendale pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. These drivers often congregate in downtown Glendale and dash along Colorado Street to pick-up orders at popular restaurants, but their routes can spread out through the suburbs of Eagle Rock, LA, Pasadena, and Sunland. As a result of this increased traffic, any number of individuals can become caught in a delivery driver accident.

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Liability Policies for Delivery Drivers

Generally, if the delivery driver was at-fault for the accident, then the liability insurance policy for the company they work for should apply, however not all companies have policies and some policies only apply in certain scenarios.


United Postal Services has a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy for great bodily injury on all vehicles. If you were injured by a UPS delivery driver, whether you were driving your own vehicle, a pedestrian, or bike rider, you could have a claim against this policy.


The Fed-Ex Corporation has a variety of different shipping options, but most delivery accidents are covered under their Fed-Ex Ground and Freight liability policy, which as a $5,000,000 policy limit for great bodily injury. Fed-Ex Ground handles shipments to residential units via smaller delivery vans while Fed-Ex Freight oversees larger commercial trucks.


Amazon utilizes third-party delivery companies to handle their packages and these companies are expected to obey strict liability policies. That means, even if you are in an accident with an Amazon Prime van, your claim will likely be with a third-party company, not Amazon.

In contrast, Amazon Grocery is handled directly through Whole Foods, which has a $1,000,000 policy limit for vehicle accidents that involve bodily injuries.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats policy operates the same as the Uber rideshare policy, which means that when a driver has the app on but is not in the middle of a pick-up or drop-off, their vehicle is covered by a $50,000/$100,000/$25,000 policy (individual injury, per accident, and property damage). However, when the driver accepts an order, the policy increases to a $1,000,000 policy.


DoorDash offers an extended insurance policy that only applies after the driver’s personal insurance comes into effect. If you are injured due to a negligent DoorDash driver, then you would have to file a claim against their policy. If it does not fully cover the cost of your injuries, DoorDash’s policy would then apply for up to $1,000,000 if the driver was on duty. Sadly, many DoorDash drivers do not have commercial auto insurance policies, which means their personal insurance may not apply at all if they are involved in an accident while on duty.


Postmates policy is essentially identical to DoorDash’s, offering a $1,000,000 in excess coverage after the driver’s own auto policy.


Surprisingly, Instacart does not offer a liability insurance policy for grocery delivery drivers. If you are injured due to a negligent Instacart driver, you could only file a claim against the driver’s policy, not Instacart. This can prove difficult, as the driver’s personal auto policy will likely not apply if they were in the middle of a delivery unless they have commercial insurance. However, you may be able to file an uninsured motorist claim against your own policy.


Grubhub is in the same boat as Instacart and does not provide liability insurance for food delivery drivers.

Filing a claim against any of these drivers requires the aid of a knowledgeable and skilled attorney to ensure not a single cent is left out of your claim.

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Holding Negligent Drivers and Companies Accountable

All drivers are expected to abide by California laws and avoid reckless behavior, whether they are a gig-worker or delivery for a major chain. When they fail to do so, they put everyone on the road at risk.

If you were injured by a negligent delivery driver in LA County, contact the Glendale car accident attorneys at Aghabegian & Associates, PC. We have provided legal services to LA and San Fernando Valley residents for over four decades and have won multi-million-dollar accident claims for our clients. We have the know-how, experience, and skill to negotiate a fair settlement with the at-fault insurance company or aggressively pursue compensation in a jury trial.

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