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Violating the Right of Way Leads to More Than Just Road Rage

Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time, but Los Angeles intersections can be especially hazardous. Distracted drivers cause accidents with pedestrians, bikers, and other drivers when they violate the right of way or speed through a red light. Ultimately, their carelessness can change our lives and our families' lives forever.

If a reckless driver’s actions injured you in an accident, do not let their insurance company offer a small settlement. Instead, contact the Glendale intersection accident attorneys at Aghabegian & Associates, PC to begin preparing a personal injury claim. We offer each potential client a free consultation and will not accept payment unless we win your case. Call us at (818) 507-4311 to learn about your rights after an accident.

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What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

Intersections are where roads become especially dangerous. In Glendale, several intersections are incredibly busy, and collisions are alarmingly common. There are several factors that are unique to intersections that make them more dangerous than other roads in the city, including:

Impatient drivers: Glendale and the larger Los Angeles area are full of impatient drivers. These drivers are particularly dangerous at intersections, as they often do not want to wait their turn. Impatient drivers may speed through a yellow or even red light, or they may sneak through a crosswalk, despite a pedestrian already crossing in front of their car. Impatient drivers are often the root cause of an intersection accident.

Multiple points of entry: When two or more roads intersect, it creates a high-traffic area. Oftentimes, these areas are prime real estate for business to set up shop nearby. These businesses require parking, however. This creates a situation where drivers not only have to worry about obeying the right of way, but also the cars pulling out of or into parking lots on either side of them. This can make the already confusing intersection even more so, and lead to serious accidents.

Confusing right-of-way: At a typical intersection, there will be a crossroads with either stop signs or traffic lights. However, the roads in Glendale can be incredibly busy, and the intersections often involve more than two roads. This can make it difficult for drivers to figure out whether they have the right-of-way. On the other hand, a driver may obey the right of way perfectly, but an impatient driver has already started to drive through the intersection.

Blind turns: Street parking is incredibly popular in Glendale, as well as Los Angeles. However, this extra row of parked cars can make it difficult for drivers to see whether there is oncoming traffic. While all drivers should know how to handle a blind turn, being unable to see oncoming traffic is a common cause of intersection accidents.

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Who Is Affected by Intersection Accidents?

When a driver comes to a California Stop, otherwise known as a rolling stop, they can easily strike a pedestrian stepping off a curb into a crosswalk, sideswipe a biker in their blind spot, or roll right into oncoming traffic. At the end of the day, reckless behavior can cause a wide variety of accidents at an intersection and can range from poor driving practices – such as the aforementioned California Stop – to everyday speeding.

Anyone can be put at risk when a negligent or aggressive driver passes through an intersection, including:

Pedestrians: LA County is home to an expansive public transportation system and many people still take advantage of it to get throughout our many neighborhoods. As a result, there are numerous pedestrians traveling across the street at any given time, rushing to get to a bus or just jogging for good health, but drivers still pay little attention to them. Every resident has at some point narrowly avoided being struck by a careless driver, who either ran a red light or made a left-hand turn when you were crossing the road. When we aren’t lucky, these negligent actions can cause devasting injuries.

Bicyclists: Cyclists are owed the same respect on the road as other vehicles, but most drivers pay little attention to them, especially at intersections. Drivers may speed into left-turns and strike cyclists while they are in the crosswalk, sideswipe them on right turns when they enter a bike lane, or make a U-turn right in the way of a bicyclist. Any one of these accidents can severely injure a cyclist, causing multiple broken bones to brain trauma.

Motorcyclists: Many of the same dangers that bicyclists face are shared by motorcyclists, but the end results are often more catastrophic. Motorcycles are heavier and can move as fast as cars, which significantly increases the risk of a rider suffering serious injury in an intersection, especially when struck by larger vehicles like pick-up trucks, SUVs, and big rigs.

Other drivers: T-bones are a major risk when another driver speeds through a red light or ignores a stop sign, but there are other simpler driving practices that lead to an intersection accident between two or more cars. A driver might miscalculate the speed of oncoming traffic and turn too slowly into a left turn, resulting in a collision. Although it is not illegal in California, most drivers are advised to not change lanes in an intersection because they could end up colliding with a car that was making a right turn into what they assumed was a clear lane.

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What Are Common Intersection Collisions?

A number of accidents can happen at an intersection. When two or more roads intersect, it increases traffic, and thus ups the chances of a collision. A driver may hit a pedestrian as he crosses the street, or a bike rider who is waiting in the bike lane. However, there are some accidents that are alarmingly common at intersections. These include:

T-bones: These involve one car slamming into the side of another, forming a “T” shape, hence the name. These kinds of accidents are particularly dangerous, as the place of impact is directly into the driver or a passenger. Front and rear collisions involve crumple zones that provide some cushioning for the people inside the car, but with a T-bone, there is only the door between the at-fault driver’s car and the victim. This means that the victim usually takes a great deal of force.

Sideswipes: When one car swipes the side of another car going in the same or opposite direction, then the resulting collision is referred to as a sideswipe. This kind of accident can send both cars spinning out of control, where they may hit other cars waiting at the intersection and cause an even larger accident.

Rear-end collisions: This kind of accident is sometimes referred to as a “fender bender,” which leads people to assume that the accident is a minor one. However, rear-end collisions can be deadly when the at-fault driver is going fast enough: the back of the victim’s car can crumple, crushing those inside. On top of that, the collision can push the victim’s car into the intersection, where other drivers may collide with it, causing further damage.

The injuries that result from these collisions, such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and even traumatic amputation, are painful and costly. While nothing can undo the accident, you can receive financial compensation for your damages in you go through the right channels, and work with the right attorney.

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What to Do After an Accident

If you find yourself in an intersection accident, the most important step you can take is contact the local authorities. They will dispatch paramedics to assess your injuries and transport you to an ER for further diagnosis, as well as police officers to secure the scene of the accident. Both your medical report and the accident report are invaluable tools in building a personal injury claim and will create the basis for determining liability and proper compensation. If you are physically able to, take photos and videos of the scene of the accident and collect the contact information of any witnesses.

Once you have received medical treatment, contact the Glendale car accident attorneys at Aghabegian & Associates, PC. We have been helping our fellow citizens in the Los Angeles County area since 1998 to seek compensation for injuries and damages they have experienced due to unforeseen accidents. We can obtain a copy of the police report, as well as traffic camera footage from nearby stoplights, collect witness statements, hire an accident reconstructionist, and build a thorough case for full compensation. Call us at (818) 507-4311 and learn how our over forty-years of combined experience can help you.

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