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Injured in a Sideswipe Accident? Call Us Today

Driving around Los Angeles is anxiety-inducing experience. Hometown drivers and visitors often speed, slow down randomly, forget to signal, or recklessly change lanes, especially on our packed freeways. While it is common knowledge that you need to check your blind spots before merging, many drivers fail to do this until they’re already moving out of their lane -- and cause serious collisions every day.

If you were injured in a collision caused by another driver, you should not have to pay their negligence. You deserve compensation from their insurance company, but to get your medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repairs paid for, you need to work with a skilled Glendale lane-change accident attorney. Whether you were injured because a driver recklessly sideswiped you or forgot to check a blind spot, Aghabegian & Associates, PC, can fight for you in a car accident claim. To get a free case evaluation, call us today at (818) 507-4311.

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Sideswipe Accidents on Los Angeles Roads

L.A. County has some of the most complex freeways in the country, and our side streets are also difficult for inexperienced drivers to navigate. Our roads constantly shift from one to two to three lanes, have sudden and unexpected intersections, and strict rules regarding carpooling and fast-lane passes. Combine this with our natives’ tendency to speed and ignore basic traffic laws, and sideswipes accidents become very common around here. Usually, when one driver:

  • Fails to check his/her blind spots, especially on bigger vehicles like semi-trucks and SUVs.
  • Recklessly crosses multiple lanes of traffic to catch an exit or entrance.
  • Merges onto a freeway at low or too-high speeds.
  • Fails to check rear-view mirrors, or is driving with missing or broken mirrors.
  • Fails to use a turn signal.
  • Misreads the speed of an approaching vehicle.
  • Drives while using a cell phone.
  • Is fatigued or falls asleep at the wheel.
  • Drives after ingesting drugs or alcohol.
  • Drives aggressively, tailgating or forcing other drivers out of their lanes.
  • Does not respect motorcyclists’ right of way and causes a lane-splitting accident.

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The Dangers of Lane-Change Accidents

Depending on the size of the lane-changing vehicle and the speed at which it is traveling, its driver can cause serious injuries to other people. The front and back of most modern cars can absorb a lot of force in a collision, protecting their occupants from most serious injuries. In addition, a blow to the front of a vehicle can trigger the vehicle’s airbags. This may not happen during side and rear collisions.

Sideswipe accidents are similar to T-bone accidents in terms of the danger to the vehicle’s occupants. A car’s doors are not designed to absorb the momentum of another vehicle and may collapse inward, seriously injuring occupants.

Lane-change accidents can result in catastrophic injuries like:

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How to Get Compensation for Your Injuries

If you suffered one of the above injuries, then you are looking at a long recovery. You may need surgery, hospitalization, and physical therapy to help you recover. During this time, you will not be able to work or have to decrease your work hours significantly, impacting your ability to pay rent and cover your other bills. All of these costs, as well as the physical and emotional pain of your injuries, should not be yours to bear alone if a negligent driver caused your accident.

If another driver sideswiped you, then you may be able to recover compensation in a car accident claim. This will require dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, which will likely dismiss your claim, but a skilled personal injury lawyer can work with you to get the maximum compensation. Aghabegian & Associates, PC, knows how reckless drivers can be on LA freeways, as well as the devastation a sideswipe can bring.

If you come to us, we can use our expertise to investigate your case and fight to get you full compensation for your injuries. We may need to review the police report, go over your medical records with your doctors, calculate the full costs of your injuries, collect accident photos and videos, and aggressively negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company. Even if you were injured in a hit-and-run accident, our team can assist you in filing an uninsured motorist claim with your own insurance company to help you recover compensation for your trauma.

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Strong Representation When You Need It Most

At Aghabegian & Associates, PC, we believe that injured drivers deserve strong and dedicated representation. Our Glendale car accident attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience and have recovered more than $250+ million in settlement negotiations and jury awards. We know how accidents occur, how to investigate collisions, and what it takes to get compensation from an insurance company. If you were injured in a lane-change accident, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. We will go over the details of the accident with you, learn how your injuries have affected your day-to-day life, and work to get you the highest possible award.

Call Aghabegian & Associates, PC, today at (818) 507-4311 to learn what we can do for you. We work on a contingency-fee basis, so there are no upfront costs to working with us.

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