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Representing Car Rollover Victims

You have likely seen your fair share of rollover accidents in the movies. It seems that anytime two cars collide on screen, one of them violently flips over. While the frequency of rollovers may be exaggerated, the devastation caused by these accidents is accurate. A rollover is difficult to recover from, often causing catastrophic injuries. Even worse, these kinds of accidents are often fatal, tearing families apart.

If you were involved in a rollover accident in Los Angeles County that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you should be aware of your legal rights. You can file a claim against that person in order to recover fair and proper compensation. Doing so, however, will require the help of an experienced car accident attorney. Thankfully, we at Aghabegian & Associates, PC, are experts. Call us at (818) 507-4311 to learn about all your legal options.

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How Rollovers Happen

Cars, especially more compact models, have a fairly low center of gravity. This means that causing a car to roll over is difficult, but not impossible. While it usually takes a great of force to cause a car to roll over, there are several ways that this kind of accident can happen:

Car defects: A tire blowing out on the freeway, or the brakes failing, or the steering wheel suddenly jerking to one side, can all lead to a rollover accident. There are countless auto defects that may cause a car to roll over and the driver and passengers inside to be severely injured.

Multi-vehicle collisions: When multiple cars collide, the resulting force of the collision can cause one or two of the cars involved to be tipped upward. That, in turn, can cause the car to fall onto its top. These kinds of collisions can usually be attributed to a negligent driver.

Truck collisions: Semi-trucks dwarf cars. Even a minor sideswipe from a truck can be enough to cause a car to flip over, thus leading to a rollover accident.

Poorly maintained roadways: Sometimes the fault can actually be found with the road. This may be from a lack of safety barriers, excessive potholes, or too few safety signs.

Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that the unlucky victims of the rollover accident will be suffering the consequences for a long time.

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The Dangers of a Car Rollover

Rollover accidents are violent. The levels of force needed to flip a car mean that the impact of the collision, whether with other vehicles or with the ground, will be intense. That kind of speed and power means that those inside the car are likely to suffer severe injuries. There are few who walk away. Many don’t make it out alive at all. We at Aghabegian & Associates, PC, have worked with many rollover victims, and have seen the kind of devastating injuries they sustain, like:

There is also the added risk of the roof of the car giving out, leading to severe crush injuries. A car roof is supposed to be designed to withstand a rollover. However, some car manufacturers skimp on this important feature, making rollover accidents all the more deadly. If you or a loved one has been injured in a rollover, then you need to file a personal injury claim. Doing so, however, will require identifying the responsible party.

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Finding the Liable Party

Who is liable for your accident will depend on how it was caused. During the chaos of a rollover, you may not be able to identify the cause of your accident. That is completely understandable. These collisions are fast, violent, and disorientating. However, that means before filing your claim, you’ll need to conduct an in-depth investigation into what caused the rollover. There are a handful of parties that are typically at fault, including:

Another driver: More often than not, it is another driver who is responsible for your accident. Perhaps a distracted driver caused a pile-up, or a trucker hit you while taking a turn too wide. Whatever the case may be, the investigation should look into other drivers first.

The manufacturer: If your accident was caused by a defect in your car, such as weak tires or faulty brakes, then the manufacturer of the defective part would be considered liable. Keep in mind that the manufacturer of another person’s car could be at fault as well. For example, of the tires of a car popped, and that car slammed into yours, causing a rollover, then the manufacturer of those tires could be liable.

The local government: The government is responsible for the maintenance of all roadways. If there was a pothole, or an undivided road that caused your accident, then the local government may actually be responsible. Filing a claim against a government agency is not easy, however, and will require immediate action on your part. Which is why you should contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

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Call (818) 507-4311 for the Help You Need

Rollovers are devastating. They cause unspeakable damage to everyone involved, and are often fatal. If you have been seriously injured in a rollover accident, then you are likely feeling alone, scared, or even hopeless. We at Aghabegian & Associates, PC, completely understand. Recovering from such a traumatic incident is not an easy task. That is why we want to offer our support to rollover accident victims. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you should call (818) 507-4311 to speak with one of our Glendale car accident attorneys.

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