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A Guide to Taking Photos After an Auto Accident

By Aghabegian & Associates on July 23, 2019

You may have come across a guide explaining the steps to take after an auto accident to protect your rights. On the guide, there is more than likely a step to take photographs of the accident scene. While this is an extremely important step for your potential case, there are certain things to look out for when taking these photos—along with certain things you must include.

There’s a quote that sums up the importance of photographs in a personal injury case, it reads,

“Where peoples’ stories tend to change, photos tell the same story every time.”

Now you may be thinking, “How do I make sure I take the right photos? What do I include?” Well, we want to provide those answers to you to ensure you have the best chance at seeking the compensation you deserve following an auto accident.

What to Take Photos Of

Following your auto accident, it’s crucial for you to get photos of the following:

  • Vehicles Involved: Be sure to include photos of all damage to ALL vehicles involved. Taking photos of all vehicles will help your case in the event that the other party tries to claim the damages were worse than what actually happened. You will be able to present the photos from the accident scene which will help prove them wrong. Take photos of the license plates as well as insurance information, as these will be necessary to build a case.
  • The Accident Scene: Make sure you document as much as you can about your accident. This includes photos of things like, broken stop signs/lights, skid marks, damaged curbs, large potholes, and anything else that may have played a role in causing your accident.
  • Injuries: Photographing injuries sustained in the accident will help with documentation. These photos will be important for filing a claim. It is very important to not only take photos of your injuries at the accident scene but also as you begin to recover. There are some injuries that take time to develop, so be sure to photograph any injuries as they develop.

I Have Photographic Evidence, Now What?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another person, it’s understandable that you may be left looking to seek compensation for your damages—after all, you deserve it. Once you have gathered photographic evidence of your accident, you want to be sure to work with an experienced Glendale car accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

At Aghabegian & Associates, our team of staunch Glendale personal injury attorneys has been working around the clock for decades to help our clients seek the compensation they deserve. We have a promise to fight to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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