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Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney

At AAESQ Law, we have witnessed first-hand how devastating and disruptive accidents can be. From expensive medical procedures in the aftermath of an injury to missing out on work due to your recovery, the emotional and financial burdens can often feel insurmountable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your pain and suffering deserve attention, and if caused by a negligent or reckless act, may even be worthy of compensation. You should never have to pay for the thoughtless behavior of another. Thankfully, we are the leading personal injury law firm in Pasadena, California. Our Pasadena personal injury attorneys have over 40 years of experience, and together, have helped deserving plaintiffs recover millions of dollars in damages. We are dedicated to helping all of our clients get back on their feet.

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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you were injured, either physically or emotionally, by someone else’s reckless or negligent act, we can help. From injuries caused by car, bicycle, or motorcycle accidents, to dog bites and wrongful deaths, our Pasadena attorneys have the expertise and experience to handle all types of personal injury claims. While it might seem easier to file a claim for damages, the reality is that California’s laws are complicated and going up against a major insurance company can be tough. This is where having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side can be a major advantage. If you’ve been injured in Pasadena, we recommend reaching out to a personal injury attorney who can inform you of your legal rights and explain the options available to you. For example, here at AAESQ Law, we provide 100% obligation-free consultations to all prospective clients. During this consultation, our attorneys will work alongside you to learn the details of your accident, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and explain the various legal avenues you have to recover compensation. At the end of the day, you can always count on AAESQ Law to fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?

This is a question many people ponder in the aftermath of an accident. The reality is that after suffering an accident, you’ll likely be dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company. For those that don’t know, insurance companies typically have a team of attorneys on staff whose sole job is to reduce your payout to the smallest amount possible. By hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you, you’re effectively leveling the playing field, giving you the best chance possible of recovering a larger sum of money. Further, personal injury attorneys are experts in these types of cases. Therefore, they can help you more accurately assess your injuries and ultimately demand more money from the insurance company, depending on the severity of the accident. It’s not uncommon for people to undersell their injuries after an accident, especially if you are not yet aware of the full extent of the injury or its lasting impact on your life. When you hire a Pasadena personal injury attorney, they will not only provide their legal expertise but will work with a team of medical experts who will offer a more accurate assessment of your injuries. At the end of the day, the decision to hire a personal injury attorney is up to you. However, in the majority of cases, hiring a Pasadena attorney is almost always worth it.

When should a personal injury attorney be used?

There are a variety of circumstances in which a personal injury attorney should be used. For example, if you are physically or emotionally injured following a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, dog bite, slip and fall accident, pedestrian accident, wrongful death, or instance of elder abuse, we can help. Generally speaking, if you were not significantly injured (such as you got in a car accident but were not hurt or your injuries could be treated in a couple of trips to the doctor), then hiring a personal injury attorney may not be necessary. However, if you have serious injuries requiring consistent medical attention, then working with a personal injury attorney is certainly a smart decision. To identify whether the injuries you suffered were major or minor, we recommend considering the following questions: Were you taken to the ER or other urgent care facility after the accident occurred? Did you suffer a neck injury or concussion? Have your injuries still not healed after weeks (or even months) of rest and recovery? Did you experience neck and back pain (especially pain that manifests as a tingling sensation)? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney in Pasadena as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to sue someone for personal injury?

There are several costs associated with suing someone for personal injury in Pasadena. When breaking down the cost of a potential lawsuit, there are a variety of expenses to consider, from hiring an attorney to filing fees, service fees, and discovery costs. It’s hard to determine the average cost of suing someone for personal injury in California, so we recommend asking your attorney about this during your consultation, once they have assessed your specific situation. It’s also important to remember that all Pasadena personal injury attorneys at AAESQ Law operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only have to pay us if we win your case.

How do I choose a good personal injury attorney for my case?

The best personal injury attorney for your case is the one that you can trust to get you the compensation you deserve. Look for a law firm with a proven track record of success, several decades of experience with personal injury cases, and a team of attorneys who provide free consultations to prospective clients. These are the hallmarks of a good personal injury firm that cares about its clients and will get them the results they deserve.

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If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of someone else’s recklessness, a personal injury attorney from AAESQ Law can help you seek compensation for your suffering. We are committed to fighting for the rights of injured victims in Pasadena and beyond. With over 40 years of combined experience, our Pasadena personal injury attorneys have the expertise to help you get the money you deserve. And if you are concerned about hiring an attorney, rest easy knowing that we offer our services on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no upfront cost for you and we only get paid if we win your case. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation with one of our Pasadena personal injury experts.

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