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Personal Injury Attorney Torrance

Did you recently suffer an injury following an accident that was caused by another person’s recklessness or negligence? Then you may wish to file a personal injury claim. Though nothing will erase the physical or emotional pain you have been caused, filing a claim with the help of a Torrance personal injury attorney can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. A skilled personal injury attorney, like those at AAESQ Law, has years of experience handling all kinds of cases and knows the law inside and out. From your first meeting with an AAESQ Law attorney, they will work with you to learn the circumstances of your accident and develop a plan of action. An AAESQ Law personal injury attorney will not only provide you with legal advice but will steadfastly represent you until the very end.

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Personal Injury Cases We Handle

As a dedicated personal injury law firm, AAESQ Law handles all kinds of personal injury cases. This includes some of the most common types of personal injury cases, such as auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful deaths, as well as the more niche types of cases. We are pleased to assist Torrance, California clients on a wide range of personal injury issues, including but not limited to bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, dangerous roadways, spinal cord injuries, uninsured motorist claims, traumatic brain injuries, work injuries, premises liability, wrongful death, construction site accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, drowning accidents, slip and fall accidents, trucking accidents, and Uber/Lyft accidents.

At the end of the day, if you’ve been injured following an accident that wasn’t your fault, AAESQ Law can help. Our team of personal injury attorneys has over 40 years of combined experience handling all kinds of personal injury cases. Regardless of the type of claim, we are committed to fighting for your rights and representing you until the very end. Our attorneys have the skills and legal expertise to help you win the compensation you so deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?

You may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring a Torrance personal injury attorney in the aftermath of an accident. The answer to this question is yes, in most cases it is worth it. This is because, without a personal injury attorney by your side, you would likely be left to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company on your own. Though this may not sound too bad, most insurance companies have a legal team behind them whose job is to make sure you receive the smallest payout possible. However, by hiring a Torrance personal injury attorney, you can level the playing field. With a skilled and experienced attorney on your side, you are giving yourself the greatest chance of recovering the money you deserve (which is often a larger sum of money than you would have received if you represented yourself).

How much does a personal injury attorney cost in California?

This is a difficult question to provide a simple answer to. There are a number of costs associated with filing a personal injury claim in Torrance, California. For example, when analyzing the cost of a potential lawsuit, the claimant must consider a variety of expenses, including the legal fees associated with hiring a personal injury attorney, filing fees, service fees, and discovery costs. Given the many fees involved with hiring a personal injury attorney, it’s hard to determine an average cost. If cost is a concern, we always recommend asking your attorney about this during your initial consultation. Once they have assessed your specific situation, they will be able to offer an accurate estimate of the total costs. Further, it’s worth noting that all Torrance personal injury attorneys at AAESQ Law operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we win your case. At AAESQ Law, we pride ourselves on offering a service that is entirely free from upfront or unexpected costs.

How much money does a personal injury lawyer get from a case?

Again, this is a hard question to answer as legal fees and settlements vary greatly between attorneys and cases. In addition, many personal injury attorneys use a sliding scale for their contingency fees. That said, a standard contingency fee for a personal injury attorney is typically between 33.3% and 40% of the total settlement. But again, this can vary depending on the specific attorney and the quality of their services, so we recommend you ask your AAESQ Law personal injury attorney about their specific fees during your initial consultation.

How do compensations for personal injury work?

In personal injury law, compensation is won by being awarded damages. When you file a personal injury claim in the state of California, you will seek to recover specific damages based on the harm you were caused. There are plenty of damages available in personal injury claims, largely because of the variety of accidents that may constitute a personal injury case. For example, damages that you and your Torrance personal injury attorney can work to recover include lost profits, lost wages, or lost career opportunities (these may be claimed if you were forced to miss work owing to your injuries), medical expenses (this includes all past, present, and future medical bills, such as doctor’s appointments, surgeries, the use of emergency service vehicles like ambulances, physical therapy, medications, and caretaking), and pain and suffering, which can include everything from mental anguish, loss of enjoyment, and inconvenience to loss of companionship in the case of a wrongful death lawsuit. Overall, there is a wide variety of damages available in a personal injury claim and no limit to the number of damages you can claim. Thus, it is up to you and your Torrance attorney to decide which damages are most relevant to your claim.

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What are you waiting for? If you or someone you love was recently injured in an accident that someone else is at fault for, contact AAESQ Law today. We offer free consultations to all prospective clients, allowing you to meet with an experienced personal injury attorney in Torrance. During the consultation, one of our attorneys will answer any questions you may have and present the legal options available to you. From there, you can decide whether you wish to move forward by filing a personal injury claim.

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