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Have You Suffered an Eye Injury Due to Negligence?

Our ability to see dictates a great deal of how we live our lives. The media we consume, the way we communicate with each other, and even the simple act of walking across the street is heavily influenced determined by what we see. Those who lose their sight because of accidents and negligence, unfortunately, must relearn how to life their day-to-day life, and redefine what is normal for them.

Experiencing vision loss or eye injury can be incredibly traumatic, even if the damage is only partial. Your world and the way you go about your day must completely shift. You may be left unable to maintain your current career, have difficulties providing for your family, and find it hard to live a fully independent life. That is why it is so important to hold those responsible for your injuries liable for their negligence.

If you are suffering vision loss due to someone else’s poor choices, contact the Glendale vision loss attorneys at Aghabegian Law Group, P.C. at (818) 507-4311.

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Accidents That Lead to Vision Loss

Vision loss is a terrible thing to suffer through. It impacts your day-to-day life and forces you to adjust to a serious handicap. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles County, there are many ways to lose your vision.

Head Injuries: You don’t have to suffer through a catastrophic accident in order to lose your eyesight. A simple slip and fall can cause severe brain damage, which can in turn damage your ability to see. The optic nerve connects your eyes to your brain directly, and a hard hit to the head can damage the nerve or the part of the brain that interprets the data that the nerve feeds this. This can leave you unable to see. Skull fractures can also cause damage to the eye socket and impair your vision.

Auto Accidents: Serious traffic collisions can cause metal and glass to fly in all directions This shrapnel can easily hit your eye, causing intense damage, and potentially even cause you to lose the eye completely. While medical professionals can repair some of the damage, it is likely you will still suffer at least some vision loss.

Fires: Intense heat and smoke can damage our eyes, leading to partial vision loss. In some cases, it doesn’t even have to be a building fire, but a minor spark from a faulty appliance, that leads to eye damage.

Construction Accidents: LA County is filled with massive construction projects, from renovations to highway improvements. These complicated projects have a lot of moving parts and dangerous equipment that can lead to a serious eye injury if proper safety gear is not used and procedures are not followed.

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The Most Common Vision Impairments

Vision loss and eye injuries aren’t like broken bones. Each case of vision loss is unique. The eye can suffer and develop injuries in many different ways. In some situations, victims can mostly recover, and will have a limited ability to see, while others may lose their sight completely. Some common eye injuries victims can suffer include:

  • Partial vision loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Optic nerve damage
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Cornea damage
  • Retina damage
  • Reduced or loss of peripheral vision
  • Complete blindness

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Eye Injury Consequences

When you suffer an eye injury and vision loss, it means you have to adjust to an entirely new way of life. You will no longer able to go about your day-to-day as you once did. It is likely you won’t be able to drive, which can hamper your independence. You won’t be able to enjoy pleasant sights, such as the sunset over the beach, like you once did. You may not even be able to see the faces of your family members and loved ones anymore. To lose your eyesight is an incredibly traumatic event, and if it was lost due to negligence, then you deserve compensation.

When filing a claim for vision loss, there are two main categories of damages you can pursue. The first is economic damages, which includes any monetary losses such as lost wages, loss of employment or job opportunities, and medical bills. The second is non-economic damages, which is meant to help with emotional suffering. You can claim for things like pain and suffering, lowered quality of life, and emotional trauma. Given just how traumatic it can be to lose your vision, the damages you are awarded from your claim may be incredibly high, but only if you work with an experienced vision loss attorney.

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Compassionate Representation Following a Catastrophic Injury

At Aghabegian Law Group, P.C. our Glendale personal injury attorneys provide thorough and in-depth legal advice to anyone who has suffered a traumatic injury due to someone else’s negligence. We’ve worked with many clients who have suffered debilitating injuries and had difficulties moving on from an accident. If you or a loved one have experienced an eye injury or vision loss due to an act of negligence, you deserve compensation.

Call us at (818) 507-4311 to learn whether or not you have a case for a personal injury claim.

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