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Injured When a Vehicle Hit a Storefront?

Many people have only seen or heard of cars crashing into storefronts in movies, but you may be surprised to find that per the Storefront Safety Council, they happen an average of 60 times every day in the US and result in nearly 500 deaths and 3,600 injuries each year. If you or your loved one suffered severe injuries in one of these horrific accidents, you need the support of an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Injuries from storefront accidents can be catastrophic and life-altering, with glass, debris, or being hit by the out-of-control vehicle.

Storefront accidents are, by nature, caused by the negligence or carelessness of another. If you or a loved one have suffered severe injury or death in a storefront crash, you are likely eligible for compensation and need to contact a knowledgeable Glendale personal injury attorney today.

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How Do Storefront Accidents Occur?

Storefront accidents can happen in any first-floor business, including convenience stores, doctors’ offices, nail salons, gas stations, and more. They are caused by countless driving mistakes, including:

These accidents can affect both those inside buildings and pedestrians walking in front of them. The fact is, when you walk on the sidewalk or enter a store, you consider yourself safe. However, the truth is that you always need to be aware of your surroundings and prepared for others who may have little regard for the safety and lives of others.

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How Can You Prevent Storefront Accidents?

The most significant change that can be made to increase the safety of pedestrians and customers is the installation of bollards. Bollards are steel or concrete posts roughly three feet high, often painted yellow, that can stop a vehicle from careening onto a sidewalk or into a shop. Bollards are typically spaced so that pedestrians and carts can get through while preventing any large vehicle from entering a sidewalk or storefront.

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Who Is Liable in a Storefront Accident?

Determining and proving liability in a storefront accident is a process best done by a highly qualified personal injury attorney, as there are several parties that can be held responsible:

  • The driver: The most common cause of storefront accidents is irresponsible or negligent driving. In cases where the driver was inebriated, distracted, or otherwise driving unsafely, the driver is usually liable.
  • Automobile manufacturers, part manufacturers, and auto repair shops: In cases where a vehicular failure caused the accident, the fault may be traced back to a manufacturing defect in the vehicle or a part, or improperly installed parts.
  • The owner of the vehicle: In some cases, a vehicle is known to be unsafe and is lent to a driver who then has an accident. In such a case, the owner could potentially be held liable.
  • A shop owner: Shop owners in California have a “duty of care” to all their customers, which includes them taking reasonable precautions to prevent injury. Duty of care means they need to ensure that their parking lots, driveways, and parking spot conditions are safe for vehicles. If it can be shown that the accident was precipitated by a fault in the store or surrounding area, the shop owner may be held liable.
  • The local street maintenance agency: If poor road conditions caused the accident, you may have a case against the local government agency that is entrusted with road maintenance and providing safe roadways for all drivers in Los Angeles.

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What Is My Case Worth?

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Aghabegian & Associates, PC, provide a comprehensive review and evaluation of the facts in cases involving severe injuries or death to determine the maximum compensation available to our clients. Many of our clients in storefront accidents receive compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs (immediate and future)
  • Lost wages and ability to earn
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Wrongful death compensation, including funeral and burial costs, loss of companionship and support, and more

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